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Western Union Payment Instructions

If you want to make Western Union Online using your credit or debit card, then Click Here for information.

The easiest way to make Western Union payment is to take and make payment at a close by Western Union Store. You will need the following information to make payment by Western Union.

We are shipping your package from USA, but payment is directed to the following address for security.

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Receiver Information:

(Please make sure you enter receiver country as Cameroon if you are making Western Union payment online. It is the first thing you have to do. Set receiver’s country to Cameroon)

First Name:    LEWIS
Last Names:  FOPA  FUH
City:               BUEA
State:             SOUTHWEST

Country:        CAMEROON
Zipcode:        00237
Amount:        $

When you are done with payment, you will be sent a Western Union confirmation mail.
Forward the mail to us: Email: purchase@buymarijuanaonlinenow.com or buyweedonline40@gmail.com

Your order will be processed and shipped as soon as payment is confirmed after which you will be sent a valid tracking number.
You can contact us for help at any time.



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